Despite the fact that its days are over as a production vehicle, the Nissan 350Z will remain a dream car in most sports car enthusiasts eyes. As warranties from the one time new car begin to expire and used car prices keep dropping, this is the perfect opportunity for one group of automotive consumers to take the rear wheel drive Nissan and turn it into something special, those individuals are tuners. The tuning house Senner is one such example, coming out with a new performance package that not only increases the engine’s output, but also the car’s appearance.

Nissan 350Z Thunder by Senner
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Senner produces more power thanks to a free flowing exhaust complete with titanium tailpipes and a stylish Carbon Airbox. These basic power parts are combined with a reprogrammed engine computer that optimizes the air and fuel maps to create the optimum mixture in the combustion chamber to make as much power as possible. The 350Z’s 3.5 Liter VQ35DE now delivers a maximum output of 338 HP, up form the standard car’s 300 HP rating.

On the outside Senner add new front grille and fender inserts, a new rear wing with an integrated brake light, Lambo style doors from LSD, chrome gas cap cover and 20 inch rims wrapped in Continental tires. The sports inspired ride is further improved by a 30 mm drop in ride height thanks to the new lowering springs while the chassis is strengthened with a strut tower brace. So if you are in the market for a fun to drive machine that is truly all your own, think about picking up a gently used sports car and thanks to the savings, the sky is the limit.


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BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.27.2009

its still looking good know we can get these at an extremely well price secondhand

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