It’s true – at least for the most part - that just about every car you see being sold on a place like eBay has some kind of story to tell.
The story behind this Nissan 370Z Roadster is a doozy, even for our standards.

Here’s the deal: A well-off man bought this 370Z for a girl he was seriously attracted to and tried to ‘buy’ her affection through a spanking-new Nissan sports car. Problem is, the girl was neither swayed by the gift nor did her feelings for the said young buck change. So she did what any girl would do: she asked her pop to sell the car and that’s why it’s on eBay.

Heck of a story, isn’t it?

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The ‘Buy It Now’ price for the Nissan 370Z is a pretty reasonable $37,950 and it comes with a package that includes leather seats, 8 way adjustable driver’s seat and & 4 way adjustable passenger’s seat, tilt steering wheel, remote mirrors, 8 speaker Bose stereo, Bluetooth system, Homelink transmitter (garage door) cruise control, power windows & locks, auto dim rear mirror, audio controls on steering wheel, XM radio, 2 D/C power outlets, Traction control active head restraint, seat mounted and head side air bags, 332hp engine w/ 7 speed with paddle shiftersaluminum hood, three cup holders, splash gaurds, illuminated kick plates, heated mirrors, heated & cooled seats.

And, oh, before we forget, there’s one last thing about that story that makes it such a dandy. The young girl decided to sell the car because she wanted to use the money for other purposes, not the least of which – we think – is a pretty good day at the shopping mall.

Source: eBay

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  (859) posted on 03.10.2010

Why in the world didn’t she just returned the car and asked for money instead? I mean it’s not everyday that a guy gives a 370Z convertible to their love ones. Anyhow, I wonder on what the status of the rich bloke really is with the lady. Does he have a chance to be her partner? Is anyone of them taken or the guy is the guy just taken for granted?

  (68) posted on 03.10.2010

Sounds like to me that they are BOTH demanding and materialistic. He should not have to resort to buying a car for someone to "buy" her love. And if she had any class, she should have returned the car. Regardless if she keeps it or not, she still has his money (unless she decides to sell it and give him the money). Frankly, neither of them deserve to be happy or to have anyone’s affection. There is a lesson to be learned here.

  (379) posted on 03.9.2010

well that’s why some other say that love is unfair.. yeah unfair for the guy who bought the 370z for her... she’s very demanding and materialistic.

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