The other day Top Speed reported the pricing for the new Nissan 370Z roadster, we now have a few more details. Get your bank accounts ready, fellas. The pricing for the all-new Nissan 370Z Roadster is finally out.

Since its debut at the New York Auto Show last April, a lot of people have wondered when the car would finally be rolled out of the production line and be made available to the public. That time has come.

Nissan officially priced the car at $37,690 for the six-speed manual transmission and $38,990 for the optional seven-speed automatic. Other variations of the Z370, including a Touring model, goes for $40,520 with a manual transmission and $42, 540 for the automatic gearbox.

The car has drawn comparison from its predecessor the 350Z and while both models have striking similarities, the 370Z has taken some of the elements of the 350 and made it even better. For one, the wheelbase of the 370Z is nearly four inches shorter at 100.4 inches compared to the 104.3-inch wheelbase of the 350. Likewise, the 370’s overall length was also reduced by 2 inches compared to the 350, 167.2 from 169.8 inches.

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The car’s exterior also comes with an aluminum hood, door panels and trunk for reduced weight. Nissan also tinkered with the body structure, giving it more rigidity and stability, including the addition of A-pillars and side stills, making it even stronger and sturdier than its earlier incarnations.

The 370Z Roadster doesn’t lack in speed and power, either. With 332 horsepower at 7,000 rpm sitting under the hood, the car has indeed been built for those who prefer their rides to be fast and furious.

As we’ve mentioned, the new 370Z Roadster comes in two variants: a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic with the former having Nissan’s revolutionary SynchroRev Match, a new technology that allows drivers to experience the thrill of breakneck gear shifts. In addition to that, the SynchroRev also acts as a control center where it can adjust the car’s speed depending on what the next gear position will be. The seven-speed automatic also has a technology to call its own in the form of the Downshift Rev Matching and the Adaptive Shift Control, which allows the car to adapt to manual-like settings when it is operated in manual mode.

We’re pretty sure that a lot of people have been clamoring for the release of this car since it was first unveiled in New York last April. Now that the car is finally out, we don’t expect anything less than a queue of long lines at Nissan dealers all over the country.

Source: Nissan News

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