All you fanboys out there who think if ‘it comes from Japan, it’s gold’, then take a look at a new body kit from Nissan. This is a Japan-only kit for the Fairlady Z (ya know, the 370Z) and its called the Stylish Package.

Although it may make your 370Z may look faster, unlike Nismo S-tune, this comes with no performance upgrades. Instead this is just a new front spoiler, a rear wing with an integrated third-stop light, clear crystal rear tail lamps, and ’Z’ scruff plates. There is also a new ’sports horn’, because it’s not enough to just look unique but you have to sound unique as well?

Either way, getting your hands on theses parts directly from Japan will make your 370Z pretty exclusive for a few weeks, until some major tuner (or Nissan) decides to import this package on its own.


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