• Nissan And Hoonigan Team Up To Celebrate Black Friday At The Mall: Video

Nissan and Hoonigan have come together to make a drifting video in celebration of Black Friday. So what does drifting have to do with Black Friday, you ask? Well, nothing really, but in the video two Nissan 370Zs drift inside the Hawthorne Mall near L.A. I guess there isn’t much more to it than that, but it’s a good enough excuse to drive a couple beasts through an empty mall.

The two Zs are piloted by Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck as they drift in formation around the tight corridors of the mall property and parking garage. At one point, Chris Forsberg is only inches from a massive fail as he drifts uncomfortably close to a huge opening on the second floor. Had he lost control, he would have dropped 30 feet to what would be a rather harsh landing.

It’s a pretty cool video and definitely fun to watch. It’s too bad Hoonigan and Nissan didn’t take the time to clean up the mall a bit first, though. There was so much settle dust from nature taking its course that on-site staff had to wear respirators, and a lot of the video is a bit blurry. Still, it’s a good time, and make sure you turn up the sound – the echo of 2,000 combined horsepower is definitely something to be thankful for.

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Drifting fans like mall crowds on Black Friday about as much as fish like fresh air. To commiserate with the fans, Hoonigan and Nissan joined forces to take over the abandoned Hawthorne Mall near Los Angeles, and celebrate Black Friday in their own unique way. With the creators of the Gymkhana and Recoil video series calling the shots, two-time Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck push their 1000hp Nissan 370Z’s to the edge in Hoonigan’s "Black Friday" and Nissan’s "Black Friday 360 Experience."

Nissan And Hoonigan Team Up To Celebrate Black Friday At The Mall: Video
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Black Friday 360 Experience puts fans in the middle of tire-smoking action for stunts that even left the pro drivers stunned. In one scene, driver Chris Forsberg swerves the back of his car on the ledge of a 30-foot drop. "I knew I could mentally block out the drop, however my biggest concern was the surface," admitted Forsberg. "The conditions were dusty and underneath all of that was polished concrete. We had one chance to get the shot before the rubber built up." A rubber buildup actually adds traction that would compromise the control of the car when drifting.

The shoot was not without its challenges. Years of dust at the site required the crew to use respirators to breathe as the roar of Nissan power echoed in the ghostly halls of a once bustling mall. The scrappy production team was never afraid to try anything, even at the expense of a few cameras in the process. In one instance, as the white 370Z explodes through a wall, a GoPro was left implanted in the cinderblock facade. Another time the revolutionary 360-degree camera rig was run over when a slight miscalculation sent a prop flying in an unexpected direction.

Nissan And Hoonigan Team Up To Celebrate Black Friday At The Mall: Video
- image 657626

The bevvy of cameras capture the powerful Nissans and talented drivers and yield breathtaking results. Forsberg and Tuerck glide through the mall site wheel to wheel in close formation, like fighter pilots staging a smoky dogfight to the glorious soundtrack of revving engines and burning rubber.

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