The decade of the recall is continuing, asNissan has just announced a recall of 2.14 million vehicles and for those keeping track at home, that’s the third largest recall in history. Not exactly a record to be proud of.

The issue with these vehicles lies with a faulty ignition relay that could cause the engine the stall or fail to restart. The fix is quick, around 25 minutes, and it will involve replacing the ignition relay with one that actually works.

The recall is worldwide and it affects vehicles from 2003 to July 2006. Japan will get the most recall notices with around 835,000 vehicles. The United States and Canada need around 762,000 new relays between them. There are a plethora of vehicles on the list, from small little cars like the Cube and Micra, to larger ones like the Titan and the Infiniti QX.

Nissan has just joined a massive party, with guests like BMW, who are having an issue with their N54 motors, Honda, Toyota,Chrysler, and Volvo. How long till we have a new guest? Just wait and see.


Source: Reuters

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