Nissan is breaking ground on an assembly plant in Russia, one that it hopes will produce 50,000 vehicles annually and be on line by 2009. The plant will be located in St. Petersburg, the city created by one of the most visionary and vicious of Russia’s czars, Peter the Great. It was later renamed Leningrad when Stalin – who was even more vicious than any czar – was in power. It’s original name was restored when the late Boris Yeltsin was in charge of the country’s government.
But Boris doesn’t run the show anymore, and the fella that does – a certain former KGB boss named Vladimir Putin – has been doing his best to turn the country into its former self. Putin has been implicated in the assassination of a turncoat KGB agent in England, and has been the guiding hand in the jailing of Russia’s largest oil magnate, allowing his cronies to talk control of the Russian oil industry. 
Nissan, nonetheless, has chosen to invest in this country.

Kinda like buying stock in the Mafia.
Another coup for Carlos Ghosn, no doubt.

Source: Japanalyst

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