The GT-R hasn’t been released yet, and Nissan is already considering a new sports car. Nissan has a lot of option for the new model, but they haven’t decided on one yet.

The first option will be a replacement for rear-drive 240SX/Silvia, or a production version of the Urge Concept unveiled in 2006 at the Detroit Auto Show.

The next choice will be a mid-engined and build a rival of sorts for the Lotus Elise. At one point, the Foria, the shapely, Italianate 2+2 sports coupe concept from the 2005 Tokyo motor show was also in the running for this vacant specialty car slot in Nissan’s line-up, but the Foria, we hear has now been canned.

Nissan will take a decision sometime next year, and the new sportscar will go into production in 2010.

Source: WindingRoad

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pdaix  (431) posted on 09.21.2007

A Silvia replacement should be a sure hit after all the buzz around this car in the drift racing scene. Let’s hope this time they will import in the US the turbo version and not only the cheap ones.

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