Nissan has gone a bit health conscious. The Japanese automaker has revealed its all-new “Health & Well-Being” concept that will attempt to create a more healthy and comfortable environment for drivers and passengers.

The car has three features that will make those goals achievable. They are a comfortable captain’s seat, an advanced climate control system, and a quick comfort seat heater. All of these will help reduce stress by optimizing blood flow and improving air quality.

The comfortable captain seat has plenty of unique feature that make it so much more than a normal chair. These features include a seat cushion-integrated leg rest, an articulated seatback, and three-layered cushion pads. Nissan hopes that this new seat will improve blood flow and reduce fatigue, but with a chair this comfortable, it might make you want to take a nap.

The climate control system has three fancy devices that are aimed at improving air quality. The first is a plasmacluster ions generator. This system is basically vitamin C and it will reduce airborne bacteria and mold levels. The other two devices are inside/outside air control and a grape polyphenol clean air filter. Nissan is also quick to point out that the vitamin C ions can help moisturize skin.

The final technological device is the quick comfort seat heater. The seat applies heat to the thighs and buttocks first, then it moves on to the lower back and thighs again. This will shorten the time it takes the passenger to feel warm by 35 percent.

The Health and Well-Being concept is part of Nissan’s larger “Life on Board” strategic technology focus.

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Press Release

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced its new "Health & Well-Being" concept, which is designed to create a comfortable in-car environment for both driver and passengers. Three new technologies based on this concept are being introduced: Comfortable Captain Seat, Advanced Climate Control System and Quick Comfort Seat Heater.

The basic aim of the "Health & Well-Being" concept is to help reduce stress and fatigue of drives and passengers, providing body and mind with the necessary comfort for a optimum driving experience. Toward that end, Nissan is developing innovative ideas and technologies to provide 1) a comfortable posture and thermal environment to help improve blood circulation, and 2) good cabin air quality for improved health.

The "Health & Well-Being" concept is part of Nissan’s larger "Life on Board" strategic technology focus. "Life on Board" is the term Nissan uses to describe the whole process of getting into the vehicle, preparing to drive, driving, arriving at the destination and getting out. Its goal is to create an ideal in-car environment by pursuing innovations in three main areas: "a cockpit designed for easy driving," "cabin comfort" and "a well-made interior."

A wide range of initiatives are being implemented around "Life on Board." They include the new "Intelligent Control Display," an easy-to-use versatile multi-function information system introduced on the Nissan Juke; the "Forest AC" air conditioning system used on the Nissan FUGA, which is designed to recreate the refreshing breezes, temperature, humidity and aroma of natural forests; improvements to the quality and texture of interior materials; and other new technologies based on human studies.

Comfortable Captain Seat

The new Comfortable Captain Seat design incorporates three new technologies: "seat cushion-integrated leg rest," "articulated seatback," and "three-layered cushion pads." Nissan is the only automaker adopting all three technologies at the same time.

With the seat’s all-in-one seat cushion and leg rest seat design, the body is supported as a whole, helping maintain a posture that can be relaxed and stress-free. The seat cushion-integrated leg rest, supports the lower legs over a large area and helps spread the body weight to help avoid leg swelling.

The articulated seatback helps maintain the balance of the muscular force around the backbone at close to "zero gravity," which is said to be the least stressful posture for the human body, helping reduce physical strain.

The three-layered cushion pads optimally combine upholstery of different characteristics and can be adjusted for greater comfort in various seating postures and vehicle types.

Advanced Climate Control System

The new Advanced Climate Control System allows three related devices to be controlled with a single switch - the Plasmacluster Ions generator, the inside/outside air control, and the grape polyphenol clean air filter*1.

The latest version is equipped with highly concentrated Plasmacluster Ions that have been proven to help keep the skin naturally moisturized*2. Plasmacluster Ions help reduce airborne bacteria and mold levels, help to deactivate ticks and microbe allergens in the air, and control odors. In addition to the conventional emission gas sensor, the system detects various other odors - such as from animals and factories - and automatically switches the ventilation flow as needed. These functions provide a more comfortable environment inside the vehicle.

Quick Comfort Seat Heater

The Quick Comfort Seat Heater optimizes heating density and control, based on human temperature sensitivity studies (world-first) conducted in a joint research program with Professor Yutaka Tochihara of Kyushu University Faculty of Design. The studies showed that heat transfer efficiency and sense of comfort vary according to the region of the body.

In the first stage of operation, the Quick Comfort Seat Heater warms the area of the thighs and buttocks. Once the heat becomes stable, warming of the lower back and the thighs shortens the time it takes for a person to feel warm by 35% (compared to a conventional system), and creates a longer sense of comfort.

These technologies not only have a relaxing effect, but also help to improve blood circulation, thereby reducing driving fatigue.

In order to provide a more comfortable and pleasurable ride, Nissan continues to research and develop technologies based on the concept of "Health & Well-Being."

*1 The grape polyphenol clean air filter reduces allergen, while inactivating allergen by filter that uses fiber impregnated with natural grape seed polyphenol.

*2 The effect may vary from person to person and under different operating conditions. Test conducted by Soiken Inc.: ionic concentration 25,000/cm3; measured moisture from skin on the temple area of human subjects.
The product employs the Plasmacluster technology developed by Sharp Corporation. "Plasmacluster" and "Plasmacluster Ions" are trademarks of Sharp Corporation.

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  (676) posted on 03.29.2011

Well, I have a doubt that I could actually call "sitting" as a form of healthy lifestyle?I do believe that proper diet and exercise are still the best thing to do. 

  (340) posted on 09.22.2010

Good Job, Nissan!

  (1211) posted on 09.22.2010

That’s nice..but I just wonder if Nissan is the first one to create this kind of concept?(sarcasm)

  (830) posted on 09.22.2010

It’s nice that Nissan is thinking about you health!

  (570) posted on 08.17.2010

Everyone aboard!, it’s great that they’ve got this for upgrades

  (134) posted on 08.2.2010

Ya, what a great seat.

  (518) posted on 08.2.2010

wow! Health and comfort is on the lead. These features will surely make the car more outstanding. This is my first time to encounter an auto like that. Great!

  (462) posted on 07.29.2010

I guess, having a comfortable seat like that one, you will be ending up resting instead of working out.

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