If you needed any more proof that Nissan’s GT-R is the jewel sparkling inside of all tuners eyes, then have a gander at this wild winged turbo all wheel drive monster some call Godzilla. The Japanese racing shop C-West knows that the GT-R is already aerodynamically perfect from the factory, so any larger lip spoilers or big mouth front bumpers will actually hinder the GT-R’s efficiency as it cuts through the wind because all the air flow that was being directed to the rear wing has been disturbed and sent off course. Using their Super GT experience, C-West developed this oversized adjustable rear wing made from lightweight carbon fiber. By leaving the rest of the car alone and only focusing on the back end, the Japanese tuners take full advantage of what Nissan’s design team spent countless hours in the wind tunnel developing.

Nissan GT-R by C-West
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C-West is a race shop, so they wouldn’t put out any aftermarket product that didn’t serve a purpose. Being adjustable, the carbon fiber rear wing can be adjusted to a steep angle in order to increase downforce and gain valuable seconds in the corners, or lay it flat for top end stability so that you can fly by lesser machines on the straights. Either way, the C-West wing will help bring down your lap times, and at $7,380 it better be good for more than a few tenths. Now if they could only make it remotely adjustable.


Source: GTR World

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  (555) posted on 01.12.2010

The aerodynamic kit that C-West work on to this Godzilla may be good but to call it perfect was too much. Well this breed of car may need some tweaking on the ECU system which I think it’s needed on this time where I know this car will be beaten on this year.

  (571) posted on 12.14.2009

Of course to have a good performance, you must have a good mechanic and C-West shop have it. IMO, to have the speed that you want, you must know and calculate the weight that you’re adjusting on this car and I know the performance of a GT-R but the sense of releasing the real speed of this one may depend on your performance tweaking.

  (11) posted on 12.12.2009

like that body kit

  (815) posted on 12.9.2009

A perfect car making it more perfect, how is that? Well I guess they are not contented with the Stock Settings, they want to make the Godzilla Roar more.

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