Known as one of the best sports car on the market, the Nissan GT-R represents the dream of any tuning company. One of the Japanese top tuners, PowerHouse Amuse unveiled its latest tuning programme for the so-called ”Godzilla”. For those who don’t know the “standard” version of the GT-R has already 473 hp buy it looks like this didn’t sound too well for the Japanese engineers: the vehicle comes now with an astonishing 611 hp at 6200 rpm.

Nissan GT-R by PowerHouse Amuse
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In order to improve the performances of the car the tuner added their new R1 Titan exhaust system, new suspensions, a front lip spoiler and rear wing. Now all we have to do is wait and see Mine’s response to this customization programme.


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  (520) posted on 07.16.2008

the back wing is to big, nice hp, and i think some red racing stripes will go great with the color

  (1024) posted on 07.16.2008

The wing is a little too big but with 611hp, you would need a spoiler this size to improve downforce. The white colour looks good though.

  (47) posted on 07.15.2008

I’m not crazy about that wing...I think it’s a tad big. I like the front lip, though.

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