If you could pick one car that seems to be a favorite among car tuners these days, the Nissan GT-R is one that inevitably pops up in a lot of conversations.

The latest tuner to focus their attention on the Japanese sports car popularly known as ’Godzilla’ is Ventros.

After deciding that the standard GT-R isn’t where it needs to be - at least as far as they’re concerned - Ventros decided to give the sports car a new boosting kit that includes, among other things, a Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Matrix (CFHM), a new front-bumper, side skirts and a rear-bumper, which, incidentally are all made out of carbon fiber.

The addition of the newer and bigger rear diffuser allows the GT-R to have more down force, making it more balanced the whole way through. The fascia of the Ventros-tuned GT-R was also given a little modification with the addition of a small splitter that was installed both for aesthetic and performance - the splitter is expected to improve the GT-R’s handling - purposes.


Source: Autogespot

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  (570) posted on 02.25.2011

that’s a good news from varis, carbons are really great for car specially super cars like the GT-R.

  (444) posted on 02.24.2011

The reason why the 2 scion slide more because they are both RW and they are lighter than the GT-R of it was meant to Grip less on the Concrete to generate smoke and for the gt-r it weighs heavy that’s why it’s grip on the concrete are remarkable plus it’s drivetrain is AWD.

  (666) posted on 03.24.2010

Most likely I’ll choose this one rather than Toyota. At least his good names is still there.

  (702) posted on 03.1.2010

what a lovely ride, so simple but very agile, ventros did a well job on this GT-R I love the rear diffuser and front lip.

  (571) posted on 02.28.2010

Yeah that’s right if I’m going to pick a car i”ll definitely pick Nissan GT-R, when shouldn’t I its a fabulous car right.

  (815) posted on 02.28.2010

The rear diffuser gets bigger and delivers even more down force. The front also gets a small splitter used not only for a better appearance but also for improved handling.

  (780) posted on 02.25.2010

well they really didn’t focused on the inside, they just improve it’s handling and down force to have more grip on the ground, it’s beauty serves it’s purpose ain’t it?

  (477) posted on 02.24.2010

It seems pretty neat but I wouldn’t say that its that flawless. I don’t really see the lines working at all. Anyhow, it is still the GT-R, the Godzilla, a monster, however it is set up (of course above mediocre standards) it will still stand up and it will still get to kick some Porsche rear in the Nurburgring race track.

  (344) posted on 02.24.2010

Yeah that’s right if I’m going to pick a car i”ll definitely pick Nissan GT-R

  (544) posted on 02.24.2010

dang... nice custom body paint, so simple and yet it still got the killer looks, pushing it’s pedal to the metal is the game of the GT-R, what separates them on the standard is it has the killer rear diffuser to add more downforce giving it more grip on the ground than the standard one.

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