Vancover was the scene of yet another Nissan GT-R crash after the owner of the sports car slammed into a VanCity Credit Union Bank. Fortunately, except for the driver who had a few gashes here and there, nobody was hurt or seriously injured from the accident.

According to News 1130, the GT-R barely hit a few civilians, including one who was just in front of the car after it crashed into a row of ATM machines. Another woman was inches away from being run over before jumping out of the way seconds before it would’ve hit her.

The police are currently investigating the situation and are not ruling out the idea that the GT-R may have been going faster than it should have, which probably led to the driver losing control of the car.

The driver was fortunate that nobody was seriously hurt because he would’ve had to face a much stiffer penalty than just paying for the damages. Then again, crashing a GT-R onto a bank is going to be pretty damaging to his bank account anyway.

Check the GTR crashed video after the jump.

Source: News 1130

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  (518) posted on 02.3.2010

I guess that he was that eager to make his withdrawal. Now he surely will have to withdraw a lot of money to pay for injuries and damages.

  (780) posted on 12.15.2009

IMO driver of this GT-R lost control and hit the ATM machine. Good thing that no one was seriously hurt.

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