How’s that for a road trip?

Kah Chuan Hoong thinks he just went on an adventure of a lifetime, but for the rest of us, the man is worthy of a standing ovation. So what exactly did he do? Well, he drove his modified Nissan GT-R from Singapore to Mount Everest’s base camp in Nepal, a distance of more than 2,175 miles. Oh, and did we mention that the base camp is around 17,650 feet above sea level?

You can call him an ambitious explorer, a crazy person, or maybe even both. But you can’t deny that what he accomplished is truly spectacular, especially when you consider that the GT-R, apart from modifications to increase its ride height and the front bumper to increase ground clearance, doesn’t appear to have any performance upgrades. Hoong didn’t dive into the details of how he got to the base camp of Mt. Everest, but he did write a post when he arrived on October 24. He also has a pretty extensive photo album, documenting his entire journey, right up to the moment he accomplished the seemingly insurmountable task.

Better yet, the GT-R appears to be in good condition, despite some harrowing ordeals along the way, including all the difficult roads and water crossings that Hoong had to get through to reach his destination. The fact that the GT-R is still in good enough condition to make the trip back home to Singapore despite being exposed to the sheer height of the base camp makes this story all the more remarkable.

And to top it all off, Hoong says that according to his Tibetan guide Lhakpa Tenzin, his GT-R is the first supercar to ever reach Mount Everest’s base camp. How’s that for making history?

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Incredible journey, sir!

You can’t help but applaud what Kah Chuan Hoong is doing here. The man is still on the road back to Singapore as I’m writing this, who really knows where he is at this point. He mentioned something in his post that he’s taking a different route back to his country, one that will force him to spend an extra four days on the road. It’s also worth noting that he travelled through five different countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Nepal – before arriving in the base camp of Everest, and traveling along the same five countries on the way back. If that’s not the embodiment of the spirit of adventure, I don’t know what is.

There’s really not much else to say other than to wish Mr. Hoong good luck and safe travels on his way back to Singapore. He already accomplished his goal of bringing his GT-R to one of the most desolate places on the planet. Now that he’s returning from his incredible journey, let’s hope that he and his trusted Nissan GT-R can make their way back in one piece.

He said the journey back will bring him back to Singapore sometime in “mid-November” so let’s wish him luck that his travel goes according to schedule.

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Source: Facebook - Kah Chuan Hoong

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