Back in the 60s and even 70s, musical car manufactures (American) would sometimes give official horsepower ratings that were less than what the engine actually put out. This was done in combination to help owners with insurance prices as well as gain a good reputation on the dragstrip (after all, you’d rather have your car over-perform than under-perform.) According to Car and Driver, these times might be back. The magazine strapped five Nissan GT-Rs to a dyno to confirm what the automotive press has been suspecting all-along – the GT-R has been underrated.

Car and Driver first had their suspicions that the GT-R was being bashful when it could beat out a Corvette Z06 despite having a 30 percent worse power to weight ratio. Once strapped to the dyno, the five different GT-Rs (remember each engine is specifically made for the individual car and transmission) made close to 415 horsepower at the wheels. This translates into an engine that’s putting out about 520 horsepower, which is a nice jump from Nissan’s claim of 480 horsepower.


Source: Car and Driver

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AK47  (1024) posted on 08.26.2008

Once a week I head over to C&D and once a week I doubt their credibility. In a performance comparison, usually the most comfortable car wins. BMWs always win no matter what they compete against.

Sure they provide fun-to-read articles but I pay as much attention to that as I would to a Toyota Corolla.

Tahts just my way anyway. Not saying your friend is a bad dude or anything like that......

AK47  (1024) posted on 08.26.2008

Wouldn’t it make more sense to test all five cars on different types of dynos? That way you can see which car or dyno reading is the most accurate.

I do agree that no car will have 50/50 torque. That would make it impossible to drive around the easiest corners.

Power to weight ratio is a pretty weak excuse though.

But I honestly did NOT read the interview with Colllin Price or any news of the past few days.

Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 08.26.2008

We tend to take the word from a mechanical engineer, especially ones that graduated from a prestigious university (C/Ds Larry Webster is a graduate of Lehigh.) But we would be happy to take your credentials in rebuttal.

Of course all-wheel drive cars will have a bias in normal conditions — rarely do they have a 50/50 front/back split in normal conditions. It’s their all-wheel drive ability that will sometimes cause a greater power loss.

But we at TopSpeed were intrigued about C/Ds claim as well, so that’s why we talked to Colin Price at Nissan, who had a hand in the GT-R development (he reluctantly admits its him in the spy shots testing the car at Laguna Seca.) Price explained that the car is more efficient through engineering tensions and aerodynamic downforce than most all-wheel drive cars and was more the reason than the rear-wheel bias.

But you already knew that by being a loyal reader and read our post from Price a few hours later:

http://w ar-news/-nissan-gt-r-r eally-only-makes-480-h orsepower-really-ar626 80.html

AK47  (1024) posted on 08.26.2008

Oh and the famous dynotests by the totally infamous and incompetent Car and Driver lot. As the master morons themselves stated, a normal RWD will lose 15% of its power when tested and an AWD will lose 20%, their theory anyway.

What you losers forgot was that the GT-R behaves as a rear wheel drive in normal conditions, delivering 98% of the torque to the rear.

So if you calculate 15% as powertrain losses, you get 63hp, which if you add to the 420hp that you achieve, you get a total of, guess what! 483 horsepower, very close to Nissans claim.

AK47  (1024) posted on 08.26.2008

All right, that is it.

You wanna know why the Z06 lost? Because its a 70 grand piece of junk, deal with it. Its not your everyday affordable supercar, you morons actually paid 70 grand for an car with an interior as cheap as a hooker, while getting just an overpowered pushrod engine. Its no engineering miracle. GM was counting on wannabe patriots to dish out that large a sum for an American car and they succeeded.
The fact that it has a carbon fiber chassis and still weighs only 200kg less than the GT-R while only having RWD is more garbage that the "V8" fans swallow so readily.

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