Th American based tuning firm Switzer Performance has been squeezing ungodly amounts of power from modern day high tech super cars for quite some time now. It was just 8 months ago when the tuners from Switzer created the Nissan GT-R P700, and only about a week ago that the aftermarket manufacturers managed to extract 800 HP from a Porsche 911 Turbo and as both names suggest, these super cars now develop a maximum output of 800 HP. However the boys at Switzer are never ones to rest on their laurels so in the spirit of progress they have improved upon perfection with the company’s latest customization program called, P850. That right, you guessed it, this one now makes 850 HP.

The newfound performance comes from an upgrade to the fuel system, it was made to accept 110 octane racing fuel and with the help of a re-calibrated engine control unit, was able to make the most out of the package using a little more potent power sauce.

In order to transform your Nissan GT-R into a race gas drinking, fire breathing P850, it will only set you back $20,990 plus the cost of the car.

UPDATE 07/25/2011: There are few vehicles in this world that can give the Nissan GT-R a run for its money on a quarter-mile and mile race. This is especially true when Godzilla has been given a massive tune up by Switzer.

So what happens when you pit the Swtizer-tuned GT-R 850 against one of the mightiest bikes on the planet, the Suzuki GSX1300R, or as its more popularly known, the Hayabusa?

Turns out, a lot of action. Check out the video after the jump to see what we mean.

Dyno run after the jump.

Dyno Test

Nissan GT-R P850 VS Suzuki GSX1300R

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