Nissan GT-R SpecM confirmed for next year

History repeats itself with the GT-R Spec-M
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The German luxury automaker BMW is one of the only automakers that can invent new car segments so successfully, with models like the X6 Sport Activity Vehicle. Well the Japanese car maker Nissan is attempting something similar with their first true super car GT-R. Branching out in the opposite direction from the upcoming razor sharp SpecV with a more refined SpecM, much in the fashion of the old Mizuno Spec GT-R.

Nissan GT-R SpecM confirmed for next year
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In an interview with the automotive journal InsideLine, Kazutoshi Mizuno, the man behind who has been at the controls of Nissan’s flagship performance vehicle for over a decade stated that the automaker is indeed working on a SpecM version of the GT-R super car when he put the nail in the coffin saying that "we’ve always planned that after we released the SpecV, we were going to build the SpecM." The new Nissan GT-R SpecM is said to have a new set of thoroughbreds in its sights because when the more plush GT-R debuts sometime next year it will compete with high end super cars like Aston Martin and Ferrari. Now while the GT-R is sure to deliver the same super car thrills there is no word yet as to how Nissan’s engineering and design team are going to soften Godzilla and spruce up the interior, all we do know is that much like the other special edition GT-R, prices will roughly be more than double the base model. However $200,000 is still a bargain for Ferraristas and Nissan will surely sell every last one.


Source: Inside Line

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  (612) posted on 01.18.2010

Do you think Nissan GT-R SpecM will upset the Aston Martin and Ferrari cars? It will be a tough job for Nissan to break into the walls but that’s possible. Of course there’s no question at all that Nissan have the Godzilla and still successful on the 370Z sales.

  (1022) posted on 12.22.2009

I think Nissan will pull out this one coz’ the possibility is there to upset Ferrari and Aston Martin. We all know what’s the capability of a Skyline GT-R on the road that upsets some of the popular car manufacturers. IMO, it’s a great news and seems the price will be that affordable on the market.

TJKEON  (138) posted on 11.23.2009

that’d be nice, but I wouldn’t hold your breath

TJKEON  (68) posted on 11.23.2009

Hope that really means SpecM as in Manual 6-speed

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