Any doubt about the Nissan GT-R not being fast enough? Well, it seems Nissan engineers are worried...

A tuned Nissan GTR was recently spotted on the Nurburgring, revealing a new front splitter, alloy wheels different from the „standard” version and also a redesigned rear spoiler. All points to say that under the body kit lays the basis of an even more powerful Nissan GT-R: the V-Spec.

Unofficial sources are saying that the Japanese manufacturer will use carbon-fiber for more body parts in order to lose some weight and to make the car even faster. The GT-R V-Spec will be more powerful than the „standard” version which delivers 473hp. According to our sources the new V-Spec will „gain” an extra 70hp, achieving a whopping 540hp.

According to Nurburgring folks, the new Nissan lapped with 18 seconds faster than the „standard” GT-R. This was also possible due to the loss of weight of around 150kg.

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Source: car magazine

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AK47  (1024) posted on 05.3.2008

If the standard GT-R does 0to60in 3.3 seconds, the V spec will do 2.9 or 3 seconds flat. I would love to see the German, Italian and American so called "supercars" with their ridiculous pricetags hold a candle to this amazing work of art.

AK47  (43) posted on 04.8.2008

Wonder if thats going to be a world release or just the west of the Atlantic edition?

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