Usually when you say Porsche GT3 RS the first thing coming to your mind is a cool fast car painted in a combination of black and orange. But how does this combination looks on a Nissan GT-R for instance. Apparently this Singapore owner wanted to find out, or he is really wishing for a GT3 RS.

Nissan GT-R with Porsche GT3 RS look
- image 329384

Besides the paint combination, the Nissan Gt-R also features a lot of carbon fiber components: diffuser, the rear wing, the hood and the spoiler. Also the spoiler is much larger than on a standard GT-R and the factory outlets no longer exist.

After seeing this images one think is for sure: we will still take the standard Nissan GT-R!


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AK47  (1024) posted on 10.23.2009

I kinda like it. Wouldn’t want it though.

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