Can we not do anything without some kind of “assistance?”

15 years ago, before the age of tire pressure monitoring systems, we checked out tire pressure once a week when filling up the gas tank. From there we would proceed to add air to any of our car’s tires and go about our lives until the next fill-up unless we notice a tire looking a little low. Well, nowadays we have tire pressure monitoring systems that tell us when a tire drops below a certain pressure level. Nissan wants to take that a bit further, though and has introduced the Easy Tire-Fill alert system.

This system essentially prevents the need for us to check tire pressure as we add air to our tires. It’s routinely simple, leave the ignition key on with the engine off and add air pressure. When pressure is right, the horn will honk. Overpressure the tire, and the hazard lights will kick on along with another quick honk of the horn. Nissan claims this system will help consumers save money as underinflated tires can rob you of gas mileage and shorten the life of your tires, but is a system like this even necessary?

No, it isn’t. It’s ridiculous, actually. It’s not hard to pull out your old pressure gauge and check your tire pressure. Most air pumps even have a built-in gauge to make life even easier. All this system does is prove how lazy we as consumers can be. Sure, it’s a cool novelty I guess, but it’s an outrageous technology that we really don’t need. Oh, it does cut down the time it takes to fill underinflated tires by half, but you know that’s about 30 seconds of your life once a month or so at best.


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