Plenty of skilled drivers are happy to live life on the edge. A select few even take that literally. At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, stunt driver Terry Grant took to the famous track in a 2014 Nissan Juke Nismo RS, and drove the entire 1.16-mile course with two wheels in the air. Like a wheel-lifting Volkswagen GTI taken to extremes, the bone-stock Juke Nismo RS navigated the course with its passenger-side wheels in the air, and completed it in two minutes and ten seconds.

The stunt set a Guinness World Record for the fastest two-wheeled mile. The video has to be seen to be believed. Usually two-wheeled stunts are performed in a straight line, which limits the distance, but Grant takes the Juke Nismo RS around a rather twisty and technical course without drama. Please note: this is not the best way to conserve rubber during a race!

The stunt’s intent was partly to draw attention to the unveiling of the 2016 Nissan Juke-R 2.0 concept, which was teased before Goodwood. As expected, the sequel to the insane Juke-R is thematically the same, with the 600-horsepower V6 from the 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo stuffed into the Juke’s diminutive body. The Juke’s updated styling has been be-spoilered and be-finned similar to the Juke-R, with new panels that are equal parts functional and flashy. The Juke-R 2.0 concept took to the hillclimb track at Goodwood with Le Mans LM P1 driver Jann Mardenborough at the wheel.

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Why it matters

It’s not clear if the Juke-R 2.0 concept is headed for production, or if Nissan just built the one-off to draw attention to the Juke’s fifth year of production. Considering the original’s success in worming its way into limited production and its popularity, there’s a good chance Nissan will crank out a few, for those who can afford it. And the Juke Nismo RS will be with us for some time in much greater numbers.

But it will hopefully have all four wheels on the ground.

2014 Nissan Juke Nismo RS

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Stuntman Terry Grant has broken his own world record for the fastest mile travelled on two wheels in a four-wheeled vehicle – the sporty incarnation of Nissan’s JUKE, the NISMO RS.

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Grant had six attempts at travelling up the famous Goodwood hillclimb course during this weekend’s Festival of Speed, but he broke the record on the first go, achieving a time of 2 minutes 10 seconds.

That eclipses his previous record, set in a Nissan JUKE at the Festival of Speed in 2011, of 2 minutes 55 seconds and sets a new benchmark for the unique challenge. The jeopardy-filled drive was the culmination of three months of practice and set-up for Grant.

"I was shocked at how much faster the JUKE NISMO RS was, and to take 45 seconds off what was already a quick time, was unbelievable," said Grant. "To break it by so much on my first attempt was a great way to kick off the weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can go faster."

The JUKE NISMO RS is the hot new performance version of Nissan’s popular crossover, with years of racetrack heritage taken from the enigmatic NISMO brand marrying the JUKE with impressive power credentials, aggressive styling and optimum handling capabilities.

Nissan Juke Nismo RS Sets New Two-Wheeled Record High Resolution Exterior
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The car’s two-wheeled antics were one of many highlights from the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FoS), which also featured the global debut of the JUKE-R 2.0 concept – the ultimate performance version of the JUKE.

Elsewhere at the Good FoS, Nissan showed its other performance models, crossover line-up and EV range on a stand stuffed with interactive experiences and access to Nissan’s sports personality ambassadors, including Olympic cycling hero turned sportscar racing driver, Sir Chris Hoy.

Nissan also gave away three "golden ticket" entries to its pioneering GT Academy competition, which will endeavor to create yet more brand new racing drivers out of Gran Turismo 6 gamers when the Academy Race Camp kicks off in Abu Dhabi in October. Throughout the Goodwood weekend, motorsport fans were invited to take part in virtual races on the circular PlayStation race pods, with the top racers going through to a series of activities and interviews.

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