With the automotive market being so competitive these days, manufacturers are bending over backward to do everything they can to generate just a little bit of extra consumer interest in the vehicles they produce. One prime example of this is pushing to break or set various records. And, I’m not just talking about speed records for production cars either – for the record, that’s still held by the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport at 258 mph – but other weird records too. Just recently, a new record for the first “blind” J-turn was set by stuntman Paul Swift in a Nissan Juke.

So what’s a “blind” J-turn? Well, that’s a J-turn that takes place using only the onboard camera for a line of site. All windows were completely blacked out, leaving Swift with only the small infotainment display to see where he was going. He managed to execute a complete J-turn in between two lines that were just 18 cm wider than the length of the Juke itself. Of course, it didn’t happen on the first try, but he did eventually pull it off.

When speaking of the maneuver, Swift said, "Looking at the 360-degree view on the dashboard screen – rather than over my shoulder through the rear window – was strange at first, but I quickly adjusted. The AVM cameras gave me a clear view of the track, so I was confident of staying within the lines."

The stunt took place at Nissan’s Manufacturing plant in Sunderland. And, for the record, this isn’t the only record now held by the Juke. It also holds the record for the fastest mile on two wheels. Nissan seems to think that the completion of this stunt is a demonstration of its brand promise (innovation that excites,) but what do you think? Is it cool or just another way to advertise the funky little Juke?

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Why it Matters

To be quite honest, this new record really doesn’t matter at all. Nissan blacked out the windows of a Juke and paid a stunt driver to execute a J-turn using just the onboard camera. To me, this is nothing more than a ploy to advertise the reversing camera and get more word out there about the Juke. There’s no real purpose to the stunt. Someone who owns a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport can boast the fact that they own the fastest production car in the world, but I doubt any Juke owner will proudly stand up and say that the Juke’s camera is good enough to do a blind J-turn. To be honest, I’m more willing to tip my hat to Swift for being willing to take on such stunt and actually being able to execute it.

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Press Release

The record-breaking Nissan JUKE has done it again. This time the popular compact crossover has established the world’s first ’blind’ J-turn record with the driver using only the car’s Intelligent Around View Monitor (AVM) on-board camera technology for guidance.

Stuntman Paul Swift spun the car 180 degrees with all the windows blacked out, using only the JUKE’s four exterior cameras to position himself.

Nissan Juke Sets World-First "Blind" J-turn Record High Resolution Exterior
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Amazingly, he equaled the existing "sighted" record – turning the crossover from driving backwards to driving forwards in a space just 18cm longer than its bumper-to-bumper distance.

Nissan’s Intelligent AVM system provides the driver with a 360-degree birds’ eye view of the car and its surroundings. The four camera images are digitally stitched together and displayed on the NissanConnect dashboard screen, making parking simpler and safer.

"I don’t recommend drivers try to park using AVM and a J-turn like I did, but I can really see how using the AVM technology in everyday driving situations would be a real benefit to Nissan customers," said Swift.

Nissan Juke Sets World-First "Blind" J-turn Record High Resolution Interior
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Nissan Intelligent AVM also includes Moving Object Detection, which alerts the driver if something – for example, an animal or pedestrian – is close to the vehicle. This gives the driver enhanced awareness of their surroundings and improved peace of mind.

Intelligent AVM is part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision for a safer and more sustainable driving future. It’s also one of the key building blocks of Nissan’s move towards ProPilot, the brand’s autonomous driving technology. The first Nissan car in Europe to feature ProPilot will be revealed in the next financial year (2017).

"Looking at the 360-degree view on the dashboard screen – rather than over my shoulder through the rear window – was strange at first, but I quickly adjusted," said Swift. "The AVM cameras gave me a clear view of the track so I was confident of staying within the lines."

The highly experienced stunt driver took on the challenge at the home of the JUKE – Nissan Manufacturing UK in Sunderland – where more than 100,000 JUKEs are produced every year.

Nissan Juke Sets World-First "Blind" J-turn Record High Resolution Interior
- image 697757

The Nissan JUKE is no stranger to stunts and record attempts. The compact crossover already holds the record for completing the fastest mile on two wheels.

"This stunt is the perfect demonstration of the Nissan brand promise – Innovation that Excites," said Stewart Callegari, general manager for Advanced Planning, Nissan Europe. "That promise is all about developing technology to make drivers’ lives simpler and safer, and Around View Monitor does just that."

The Nissan JUKE N-Vision special edition is on sale now at Nissan retailers and features Intelligent AVM as standard. Additional in-control technologies, including Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Warning, are also fitted.

The Nissan JUKE is Europe’s favorite compact crossover, having sold more than any other model – almost 760,000 units since its launch in 2010.

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