According to at least two Nissan executives, Nissan may decided that the warranty on the forthcoming GT-R will be non-transferable during the first year of ownership. In other words, if you buy a new one and flip it to make a profit, the buyer gets a very expensive and complex car in its first year of production with no warranty.

That’s the route we’re looking at," according to Scott Vazin, Nissan’s director of product public relations. His remarks were confirmed by Nissan’s Vice-President of Marketing, Jan Thompson.

There is a waiting list for the GT-R and Nissan apparently wants to prevent speculative buyers from squeezing out the customers who really want the car. Ferrari has confronted the same problem in the past and has addressed it by simply blacklisting buyers who rapidly sell at a profit. But that approach isn’t practical for Nissan, a very much larger company.

According to Vazin, a decision on the warranty will be made no later than the official introduction of the car at the Toyko Auto Show, which opens on October 26th.

Nissan’s motivation to deter speculative purchasers is partly altruistic, as it improves the chances that a loyal customer will be able to get the GT-R. But it is also simply good dealer relations: speculators who buy a new model merely to resell it at a profit are, in essence, competition for the brand’s own dealers.

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