Nissan Planning a Sports Car Below the Mighty Z-Car

2011 Nissan Esflow High Resolution Exterior
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The Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the very few compact sports cars that grabs a fair share of the limelight. Thanks to the increased demand for such compact sports cars, it is no surprise that other manufacturers are planning to join the bandwagon. BMW, for instance, is planning to launch a Z2 to rival the Miata.

And now, thanks to the confirmation from Nissan’s executive vice president Andy Palmer at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Nissan will also accompany BMW in building such a vehicle, sans the open-top option from what we can tell.

This little sports car will be the entry level model for Nissan’s two-door sporty offerings, sitting below the Z-models and the mighty GT-R. Bear in mind, however, that this upcoming sports car isn’t meant to rival the award-hogging Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S.

Expect the car to be designed by the same hands that gave birth to the design of the Juke, so we can all anticipate a more youth-oriented approach.

Under the hood, Palmer mentions that the car will be "guilt-free.” What could be guiltier for a vehicle than polluting the environment? So, expect either an electric or a hybrid powertrain, though we have our bets placed on a hybrid system.

Palmer confirms that a concept model of the entry-level sports car will be shown off within a year. So, expect its production version to land in our shores somewhere around 2015.

We’re sort of excited about such a model being announced from the makers of the Godzilla. It gives more people an opportunity to enjoy sporty two-door model in a less expensive package.

Image Shown: 2011 Nissan ESFLOW Concept


Source: Car and Driver

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