Nissan Releases Details on Nissan GT-R Usain Bolt Edition Ebay Auction

2012 Nissan GT-R Gold Usain Bolt High Resolution Exterior
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The gold-painted Nissan GT-R Usain Bolt Edition is headed to auction, but this time, Nissan’s not going for the usual setup. Instead, it’s bringing the car to eBay where interested folks can have a chance to make a bid for the car.

The auction will run from November 22nd to December 2nd, 2012 and, according to Nissan, the winning bidder will have the car built specifically to conform to regulations in the bidder’s area. Delivery date has been scheduled for March 2013.

In addition to the "Bolt Gold" GT-R, which predictably is the crown jewel of the auction, Nissan will also auction off a number of other Bolt-signed items, including clothes and racing helmets. All of the proceeds from the auction will be given to the Usain Bolt Foundation, a charity that the record-setting sprinter established to lend support, and give educational and cultural opportunities to young kids in Jamaica.

It certainly goes without saying that the event holds special meaning to the Olympic champion’s heart, particularly because the people that it will benefit are young children from his home country. "This project excites me because it brings together my passion for speed and excellence, and my desire to help kids and young people," Bolt said.

So if you’re interested in owning a one-of-a-kind GT-R and knowing that the money you paid for it will go to a worthy cause, this is the auction for you.


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Press Release

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, is taking his passion for speed and performance, and his desire to help others, and applying them to charity. A unique 2013 model year "Bolt Gold" GT-R will go to the highest bidder in a global online charity auction to be held on eBay from November 22 to December 2, 2012.

2012 Nissan GT-R Gold Usain Bolt High Resolution Exterior
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The highest bidder in the charity auction will become the owner of the one-of-a-kind ’Bolt Gold’ GT-R, a 2013 model year Nissan GT-R painted the same gold color that left a lasting impression on Olympic champion Usain Bolt at a fan appreciation event hosted by Nissan in Yokohama on October 11. All proceeds from the charity auction will benefit the Usain Bolt Foundation, which was established to support educational and cultural opportunities for children and young people in Bolt’s home country of Jamaica.

Usain Bolt teamed up with Nissan in June 2012 as a brand ambassador, and he recently became the company’s honorary "Director of Excitement" for the new Nissan "What IF_" global brand campaign. As part of this expanded partnership with Bolt, Nissan is preparing a special 2013 model year Premium Edition GT-R, painted ’Bolt Gold’, for the charity auction. The car will feature a gold plate embossed with Bolt’s signature and his autograph.

2012 Nissan GT-R Gold Usain Bolt Exterior
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It will be built to the performance specifications conforming to regulations in the winning bidder’s country of residence. Nissan plans to deliver the car to the winner in March 2013.

The car will be auctioned on eBay Motors please see the eBay Storefront page at The online listing can be accessed by people in regions around the world, and bidding will be open to residents in countries where the Nissan GT-R is currently sold. Bidding is set to begin at 12:00 GMT on Thursday, November 22, and ends at 11:59 GMT on Sunday, December 2. Bids will be limited to residents of countries where the GT-R is currently sold. Please refer to the corresponding Nissan Global Facebook page at: for more information, including FAQs and applicable regions.

2012 Nissan GT-R Gold Usain Bolt Exterior
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All proceeds from the online charity auction will go directly to the Usain Bolt Foundation (, established by Bolt to give back to his community and help children in Jamaica.

"This project excites me because it brings together my passion for speed and excellence, and my desire to help kids and young people," said Usain Bolt. "Thanks to Nissan, all the revenue from the GT-R charity auction will be donated to the Usain Bolt Foundation, which will go directly to children to help develop their education and allow them to participate in sports. It warms my heart to help kids and young people who are in the starting blocks of life, and it would be wonderful if someday this activity leads to a ’Second Bolt.’"

2012 Nissan GT-R Gold Usain Bolt High Resolution Exterior
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  (305) posted on 11.20.2012

i love the fact that they made Bolt Director of Excitement!

  (302) posted on 11.20.2012

i hope the auction for this car will break a record too. thus, more money will get to those kids!

  (312) posted on 11.20.2012

more than just a champion, i would say a true man. one that cares for more than just himself.

  (305) posted on 11.20.2012

bolt’s attitude is one of a true champion.

  (516) posted on 11.20.2012

you are right otto. the fact that he cares for the youth is very important.

  (542) posted on 11.20.2012

bolt’s initiative is one to be applauded.

  (422) posted on 11.20.2012

john, that underlines the fact that nissan is a big manufacturer. and i do not mean big because it makes many cars, but big because it has character.

  (509) posted on 11.20.2012

i appreciate the care for detail nissan has. the fact that they will make the car after regulations available in the winner’s country shows just that.

  (475) posted on 11.20.2012

i like the fact that nissan is auctioning its fastest car for the fastest man on earth.

  (452) posted on 11.20.2012

for a "usaine bolt" car, gold was the only color acceptable. after all, he won several gold medals, didn’t he?

  (452) posted on 11.20.2012

i love the fact that the car is painted in gold.

  (422) posted on 11.20.2012

interesting way to auction a car. at least for a big manufacturer as nissan.

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