Nissan is going green in the U.S. and has announced the launch of an electric car in 2010. According to the company, the car will be priced competitively and will be profitable from the first day.“Everything that we develop, we develop for profits,” said Dominique Thormann, Senior Vice President of Finance in North America. “We make money on all our cars. We do not have loss leaders.”

Nissan said that its future electric car will have a range of at least 100 miles to meet demand of customers in USA. It will remain a zero tailpipe emissions model, unlike some vehicles being developed by rivals that have range-extending gasoline engines to power the car after its battery is depleted.

"I want a pure electric car. I don’t want a range extender. I don’t want another hybrid," Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn told reporters after a ceremony to dedicate Nissan’s new North American headquarters outside of Nashville. "It’s not going to be zero emissions in certain conditions. It’s going to be zero emissions."

Nissan said Tuesday that it would work with the state of Tennessee and its largest electric utility, the Tennessee Valley Authority, to study and perhaps install infrastructure like charging stations. The automaker has begun similar efforts in Denmark, Israel and Portugal, and Nissan feels the United States is also ready to plug in their cars on a mass-scale.


Source: NY Times

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