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Crossovers and SUVs have become integral parts of Nissan’s success in recent years, so much so that the Japanese automaker’s participation at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show revolved around the Kicks, a sub-compact crossover that costs under $20,000. But, just because these vehicle types have become the rage in the industry these days, that doesn’t mean that Nissan will veer away from building sedans, coupes, and all non-crossover, non-SUV types. On the contrary, these types of cars will continue to make up a significant part of Nissan’s portfolio, including a new Z-car that will finally take the reigns away from the dated 370Z sports coupe.

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2013 Nissan 370Z Facelift
There were even rumors that Nissan was bringing a concept to the Tokyo Motor Show last month that would serve as the foundation for the next-gen Z-car.

For the record, the Nissan 370Z has been since 2009. That’s eight years if you’re counting. It’s no secret that the current sports coupe will be replaced at some point in the near future. The only question is “when” it’s going to happen. That speculation on the status of the next Z-car continues to be a hot-button issue for the Japanese automaker. There were even rumors that Nissan was bringing a concept to the Tokyo Motor Show last month that would serve as the foundation for the next-gen Z-car. Instead, we got more lip service of the company’s “plans” for the segment.

The recent comments made by Nissan’s North American VP of product planning, Michael Bunce, follows the same template. While he didn’t exactly come out with a specific timetable for the 370Z replacement, he did say that the company is “taking its time to make sure that the new car is more outrageous than before.” Basically, the “when” argument for the next-generation Z-car still holds true. But, it’s still coming and that’s good news. The only caveat is that it’s not coming anytime soon.

So prepare yourselves for more versions of a sports car that’s approaching ten years of activity in the auto industry. I don’t know if that’s cause for celebration or not, but, for better or worse, Nissan thinks it is because it’s no rush to put the car out to pasture.


Nissan Z

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Nissan 370Z

2009 - 2017 Nissan 370Z High Resolution Exterior
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