At 2007 Tokyo Auto Show, Nissan unveiled the Skyline Aero Concept.

The Aero Concept features a very impressive bodykit, lowered and using 20 inches alloy wheels, the line of the car is quite heavy yet powerful, only the small rear wing softens the design above the massive exhausts and rear bumper.

Source: Nihon car and bike

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  (608) posted on 01.15.2007

this is no skyline its jus a G35 infinity with the nissan label n it shall never live up to the skylines status......its an insult to the legend that is skyline

  (4) posted on 01.15.2007

Indeed one of the best looking one yet. Hope that it won’t dissapoint its predecesors in the power and mechanix chapter but sincerly doubt it.

  (8) posted on 01.15.2007

If this baby gets out of the concept stance and gets green line for masive contruction than you’ll start seeing a lot of cargo ships in US marinas bringing in the new import :P

  (3) posted on 01.15.2007

And this , my friends is going to probably be the best car that there ever was. Just wait and see

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