• Nissan Skyline inspired from Mercedes CLS-Class?

The new Nissan Skyline debuted a few days ago, but on a second look at the car’s images a question comes to your mind: "where did I see this design before?" On the german cars of course!

More exactly the Mercedes CLS-Class. The Skyline has similar headlights shape, similar radiator grill, similar hood and also the sider remeber of the CLS.

Is Nissan out of inspiration?

Source: Nihon car and bike

Alina Moore
Alina Moore
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  (1) posted on 04.1.2010

You guys surely are not too bright are you???? This is a Maxima, not a GTR or a Skyline, and it is absolutely not an over priced Infiniti. Maxima is everything the G35 is for a lot less money. Infiniti is just mad because Nissan got the GTR and not them.

  (417) posted on 03.21.2010

Well, I guess it’s just a co-incidence besides nissan wont ruin their reputation copying body trims and looks.

  (797) posted on 02.9.2010

well i don’t think so. nissan has a reputation to make. maybe it’s just coincidence that they share the same front layout.

  (133) posted on 11.12.2007


  (5990) posted on 11.28.2006

that is not any friggin skyline that is a damn infiniti G35 in disguise no doubt bout it, Nissan for doin this , half job makes a half car...

  (5990) posted on 11.27.2006

uhh naw it may be similar but not to a clone point. many carsdo look alike now days but if u want something to tickle ur pickle check out the rear end of the ferrari fiorano and remove da rear window scallot, its a copy of a c6 corvette oh wow isnt dat interesting u car freaks

  (5990) posted on 11.27.2006

don’t look the same to me

  (5990) posted on 11.27.2006

Nissan has been doing that kind of styling for YEARS, ever since the G35 came out, if anything, it is the other way around. The two cars are obviously different and look nothing alike from other views, not to mention that they are in different price ranges and are not in direct competition, this is ridiculous.

  (5990) posted on 11.27.2006

thas BULL

  (5990) posted on 11.27.2006

yup. it’s a cls clone.

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