Brace yourselves, folks, as Nissan is about to reveal what appears to be a lightning-fast and awesome-looking concept car. The vehicle won’t lose its covers until June 10th, but the company’s first teaser is here to set our imagination ablaze.

Although it shows nothing more than a silhouette concealed beneath a cover, the image suggests the Japanese are about to unveil a flattened, sleek and likely astoundingly fast vehicle. What could it be? Well, we could be looking at Nissan’s very own Vision Gran Turismo concept, a virtual car that will hit Gran Turismo tracks to take on similar creations from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Mitsubishi.

Of course, Nissan wasn’t too generous with the details, but the purpose of this vehicle is more than obvious given the aggressive front fascia and massive air intakes that are visible in the teaser. What’s more, the car appears to be fitted with a huge rear wing, a race-bred piece that complements the flared wheel arches and the sculpted hood.

Making things even better is that Nissan’s mysterious model, which is seemingly dubbed NC2020 (at least that is what Nissan named the image file), may preview the next-generation GT-R. We expect the new GT-R to hit the streets in 2016.

Considering that the Gran Turismo franchise, which already includes 148 Nissans, is an important playground for automakers as far as new cars and future technologies go, it makes a lot of sense for the upcoming GT-R to showcase its abilities in the pixel environment.

We will find out more in less than a week, so make sure you stay tuned to TopSpeed for the full details.

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Why It Matters?

Nissan Teases New Model That Debuts on June 10th Exterior
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The GT-R has long been considered the pinnacle of Nissan engineering and technology and the next-generation model can’t come soon enough. Seeing a preview of its design and getting a glimpse of its new powertrain isn’t exactly revealing in regard to the production version, but it sure beats waiting for the real deal to arrive in about a year or so.

Could this be the new generation Nissan GT-R?

2019 Nissan GT-R Exclusive Renderings
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We know very little about the supercar that’s set to replace the current GT-R, but rumors suggest the new vehicle will feature a more aggressive and angular design complemented by Nissan’s brand-new, boomerang-style headlamps and refined aerodynamics. A longer wheelbase is also in the books, along with a track-tuned suspension and updated technology all around. Word on the street has it Nissan is also looking to pair the twin-turbo V-6 engine with an electric motor and turn its halo car into a hybrid.

Press Release

There are 148 Nissan cars in the Gran Turismo franchise – more than any other automaker. Each car – from the Skyline Sport Coupe and Fairlady Z to the GT-R NISMO GT3 – represents a chapter of Nissan’s story. On June 10 we open the next chapter.

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