The company that proudly displayed technology to determine whether a driver has been drinking and disable the car if he or she has been, which it apparently wants to introduce on production vehicles, is at it again.

Nissan will introduce “fuel economy gauges” on all of its new models, as those new models are phased in, across its line-up. The gauge will display fuel consumption both at that instant and as an average.

There is nothing new in the concept. It’s as old as the vacuum gauge. Many cars with digital displays have had this function, starting almost two decades ago.

But on those cars displaying the data was your choice. You could elect to do so, or not.

Nissan, however, wants to get in your face. No choice. The gauge is there. The company claims that their testing shows that such gauges reduce gas consumption by 10%. So, you’re going to have one in your next Nissan, whether you like it or not.

If you don’t like it, buy a Toyota.

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tango  (372) posted on 08.22.2007

Actually, I recall a friend of mine having a Euro-spec BMW 328i a few years ago with such a guage in the dash> It was an analogue item that couldn’t be switched off either. Nissan has made no bones about going after the jugular of BMW so maybe that’s where the inspiration comes from.

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