Nissan to improve GT-R supercar

2009 Nissan GT-R
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“There is always space for better” seems to be the perfect phrase for the Nissan engineers who are thinking to improve on the GT-R even though the supercar posted a lap time of only 7m29 at the Nurburgring. They intend to add several tweaks to the car before they start delivering them in U.S. and Europe. The U.S. GT-R model is set to receive three harder engine mounts, firmer spring rates and a stiffer transaxle mount which will prevent drivetrain components from moving under extreme cornering. On the other hand, the European models will have even more tweaks and a recalibrated rear- differential.

2009 Nissan GT-R
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“The new mounts make the car feel more together in extreme circumstances. We’ve also changed the spring rates front and rear – it’s a minute change, they’re just 0.1kg/sq mm stiffer. But it means the movement of the suspension and powertrain are more perfectly tuned, “ said Kazutoshi Mizuno, GT-R chief engineer.

According to other official informations, the GT-R is and always will be a global car. This means that any modifications, of any kind, made in one or more markets will be sent eventually in all other markets. To make an example, the same changes to the U.S. models were also added to the Japanese cars in just one week after the first modifications were made.

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AK47  (1024) posted on 05.2.2008

And I thought this car couldn’t get better. Nissan’s service for this car is worth more than 70 grand itself.

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