That’s the road to take now that the company’s crossovers and SUVs are filled up

Crossovers and SUVs make up a big chunk of Nissan’s sales volume these days, but just because it’s the case now, it doesn’t mean the Japanese automaker is pushing its sedans and sports cars to the sidelines. On the contrary, Nissan has big plans for its sedan and sports car lineups. It hasn’t mentioned what those plans are, but the big part of the company’s focus will return to these models now that its lineup of crossovers and SUVs are all filled up with the arrival of the Kicks crossover.


It’s smart for the company to think a few steps ahead and look at what the future might bring for the industry

Nissan can only build so many crossovers and SUVs, right? I would think that’s the case because there aren’t enough segments to differentiate one from the other. So it’s smart for the company to think a few steps ahead and look at what the future might bring for the industry. Nissan North America VP of Product Planning Michael Bunce alluded to it in a conversation with Motor1 at the LA Auto Show. According to Bunce, the “reinvention of the sedan” could be the next big trend in the auto industry after the wave of popularity enjoyed by crossovers and SUVs die down.

The key is to not fall into the trap of reverting back to developing sedan types that the industry has seen before. In the same way that the designs of crossovers and SUVs have evolved in recent years, a natural evolution in the design of sedans could happen because of how the market evolves. Bunce touched on this when he alluded to the lack of appeal minivans had on millennials because “that’s what their parents drove.” In the same breath, “centennials” could be put off by SUVs because of how popular they are. Instead, they could look to a completely different body type to bring back to prominence. That could be the sedan’s meal ticket back to relevancy.

Nissan knows that this could happen, which is why a host of sedans, sports cars, and EVs are all in the pipeline. Even Nissan’s Nismo performance brand is due to get more love and affection now that Nissan has announced plans to “bring some excitement back to the division.”

All of this talk is music to my ears. I understand the business case of going overdrive on crossovers and SUVs. But at some point, sedans and sports cars need to get their time in the spotlight too. It’s nice to know that Nissan shares that sentiment.


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