While most manufacturers are busy prepping to launch brand new models to keep visitors drooling, Nissan has taken a different approach by announcing a new fragrance that soothes the visitors at the Nissan stall.

Dubbed the "vert oriental,” this fragrance is reported to smell like green tea leaves during the Chinese spring harvest, which is soon going to be the trademark "smell" of any Nissan. Clearly, that’s one aspect that no one bothers spending time on...

To make the odor familiar amongst visitors, Nissan will be periodically releasing the fragrance. So people planning to visit the NAIAS, you know what to look out for when you step into Nissan’s territory.

Other than that, Nissan will announce a radical new concept and a mini hatchback. Also sharing the spotlight will be the evergreen 2013 Nissan Leaf and people who love bling can look forward to the Gold GT-R developed with Usain Bolt.

To make the experience closer to the movie Minority Report, Nissan has installed an "Innovation Wall" that makes use of the Kinect sensor for X-Box to communicate with the visitors and explain the history of the brand’s achievements through six different screens. Pretty neat, huh?


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New sights, sounds and scents will greet visitors at Nissan’s all-new display during the upcoming 2013 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. At the show, Nissan will debut its new global auto show stand design featuring multi-level flooring for vehicle displays, an amphitheater-style stage and soaring architectural elements. The interactive space includes intuitive technology and sensory marketing to provide show goers an immersion that delivers on Nissan’s brand positioning of "Innovation that Excites."

The new exhibit features a 150 ft. long/45 sq. ft. wide halo that appears to float over the dual-turntable stage. The "hovering" set piece is supported on one side by a cantilever built directly into the back wall portion of the display, which includes an integrated, high-definition LED display. Lighting effects on the halo emphasize the energy and excitement of the show space and products below. An interactive "Innovation Wall," powered by Xbox Kinect™ technology, communicates Nissan’s brand story to visitors.

The new Nissan exhibit is designed to interact not only with the senses of sight and sound, but also touch and smell. As is tradition in luxury hotels and retailers, which pipe pleasing music and fragrance into their lobby and common spaces, the Nissan display features its own special scents and sounds, carefully choreographed to create a complete experience for visitors. A distinctive fragrance will be periodically released into the display area and the mood-setting background music will change with a subtly different vibe and energy for morning, mid-day and evening.

The Innovation Wall features six interactive screens incorporated into a graphic band that runs the entire length of the display’s back wall. These interactive screens give consumers a more accessible, hands-on view of the brand than traditional, physical auto show displays.

The new Nissan exhibit will be featured at 10 other global auto shows throughout 2013. Key to this new style of exhibit is its collection of iconic elements, such as the "halo," that will carry onto each motor show, customizable to each venue’s space and particular demands.

While the exhibit and technical innovations are draws, the stars of the new multi-tiered display at Detroit will be the various Nissan models on display, including two headliners - a concept vehicle that makes its global debut on Tuesday, Jan. 15 during the press preview and an all-new subcompact hatchback. These debuting models will join the display of Nissan’s top sellers, such as the all-new 2013 Altima and Sentra sedans, the redesigned Pathfinder crossover, the updated 2013 Nissan LEAF, and a one-off special edition gold Nissan GT-R, which honors Nissan’s ongoing relationship with Olympic champion Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man.

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  (349) posted on 01.13.2013

I support Nissan. For example, my boy friend has a problem with the cars smell...

  (341) posted on 01.13.2013

I think this is a good idea and they may win a lot with it. And this fragrance issue is very important even for men

  (397) posted on 01.13.2013

I believe that this kind of approach aims women, in the first place. We are gonna see the results.

  (349) posted on 01.13.2013

Original! and I think this says many things about the company.

  (377) posted on 01.13.2013

green tea leaves...nice. must smell good. I like the idea and i hope it will be a success.

  (397) posted on 01.13.2013

Indeed, Nissan has a very different approach but I am not sure yet if this is the good one.

  (346) posted on 01.13.2013

hmmm, Nissan fragrance. I must say that I enjoy the idea. I hope they will do a great job.

  (341) posted on 01.13.2013

i heard about that many giant companies fight for supremacy

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