Who wouldn’t want to have this concept in tow out there in the snow?

The Tokyo Auto Salon is one of the most unusual auto shows on the calendar year. Among other things, TAS plays host to a number of oddball creations from some of the most established automakers in the world. This year is no different. Nissan, in all its respected glory, is bringing the Juke Personalization Adventure Concept to the Tokyo Auto Salon. That doesn’t necessarily raise any alarms except for the fact that the Juke Personalization Adventure Concept is a muscled-up crossover wearing tracks instead of wheels. It’s not the kind of Nissan Juke you see every day, but it’s probably one you’ll need if you find yourself in a pickle when you’re outdoors in the winter.

Nissan Tracks the Juke Again and This Time it Did it Right!
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The Nissan Juke isn’t sold in the U.S. anymore, but the funky crossover continues to make waves in other markets. Not that we’re jealous — ok, maybe a little — but we wouldn’t mind seeing the Juke Personalization Adventure Concept make its way to our shores, especially at this time of the year. Sure, it’s not going to happen ever, but we can dream, right? Besides, it’s not like our friends over in Japan are going to be luckier. As awesome as it is, the muscled-up, track-riding Juke is nothing more than a concept.

The body of the Juke remains largely intact, though certain sections have been re-created to give it its new identity.

The fender flares, for example, are supersized to accommodate its new wheels. There’s an LED light bar and a roof rack on top, too, for utilitarian purposes. The lower front lights get their own grilles while the Nissan badge and front grille are blacked out, presumably for aesthetic purposes. The crossover also gets a heaping of graphics and neon green accents to add to its sporty and all-purpose appeal. All of that and the big showcase remains the set of triangular snow tracks that slams home the contraption’s snowmobile identity.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Juke Personalization Adventure Concept is what it is. The in-your-face gimmick is clear enough that you won’t mistake it for anything other than a snowmobile on large stilts. There’s no word on what kind of engine it has and the amount of power it’s packing, but since it’s a concept, the numbers aren’t as important as the effect the concept has as an entire package. It’s worth noting, too, that this isn’t actually the first time that Nissan came up with the idea of slapping snow tracks on its buggy-eyed crossover. Back in 2015, the Japanese automaker presented the Juke Nismo RSnow. According to Nissan, the Juke Nismo RSnow featured similar snow tracks and a reprogrammed torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system, among other things.

Nissan Tracks the Juke Again and This Time it Did it Right!
- image 811911

The Nissan Juke Personalization Adventure Concept accomplishes Nissan’s goal of

showcasing the many tuning possibilities that the Juke has at its disposal.

Even if the model is gone from the U.S., the crossover still holds a certain amount of appeal to customers in other markets and regions, particularly in Asia and Europe. While I don’t foresee anybody actually trying to turn their Jukes into something like this, the concept is a good reminder that it’s possible for something like this creation to exist, provided that they get creative about it.

On a different note, it also shows Nissan’s continuing fascination in showcasing the variety of ways that its models can be tuned. It’s not just these two Juke snowmobiles, either. Last year, Nissan also presented the 370Zki, which, as you might expect, was a 370Z sports coupe sporting a pair of skis instead of four wheels. There’s no end to the creative ways Nissan can spin its models. The 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon will host the Juke Personalization Adventure Concept, and it’s going to be joined by other quirky tunes of the Note, X-Trail, and Leaf models. The Juke Personalization Adventure Concept has company in Tokyo, folks. Let the quirkiness of Tokyo Auto Salon begin!

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