Usually cars are just machines. You can push them as hard as you want…until now. Nissan’s new ECO Pedal pushes back. The system is designed to provide maximum fuel economy by monitoring current conditions and suggesting more fuel-efficient driving. The car decides the necessary acceleration, and if it detects too much pressure on the accelerator pedal, it will provide counter pressure in an I-don’t-think-so-Dave manner.

Nissan unveils ECO Pedal
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Nissan claims a five to ten percent improvement in fuel economy when the ECO Pedal is utilized. It wants to start using the system next year, and unlike HAL, the driver can shut off the ECO Pedal at any time.


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  (520) posted on 08.5.2008

is good that this system can be shut down! imagine that you are outside a city, want to accelerate to take another car and this system doesn’t allow it. in a couple of years you won’t need a drivers license to drive the car because it will be enough to say were you want to go and the car will take you there. where’s the fun of driving a car when you can’t control it?

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