Perhpas the greatest demo mode ever?

So chances are you’ll never get to take a Nissan GT-R Nismo around the track and hit any record-breaking numbers right? Well, that might change, at least in part, in the near future. Richard Chandler – Nissan’s Advanced Product Strategy Manager – recently had an interview with Top Gear. In that interview, he spoke of a potential new driving mode called “famous laps.”

The “famous laps” mode would allow owners of the future GT-R to sit back while the car autonomously drives itself around the track at a record-matching pace. So, in theory, you could go to the Nürburgring and hit the 190 mph threshold on the Döttinger Höhe straight away without doing more than pressing the go button.

This new driving mode would allow the average driver to achieve amazing speed and the ultimate thrill on just about any track, regardless of driving skill. When speaking of autonomous technologies, Chandler said, “We’re not trying to make conveyor belts that take you from one place to another. The driver will choose when they want to take the system and when they don’t.” That’s a pretty refreshing statement, considering some have said they hope children of the future won’t need to learn how to drive.

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Why it matters

I’ve got to say that this is huge news. There is nothing more fun than an open day on the track, hitting turns and straightaways as fast as you can and pushing your skill to the limit. Of course, few can hit any track and do it at record matching speeds, so a feature like “famous laps” would make a trip to the track that much better. If this feature becomes a reality, I’ll definitely want to give it a try. I consider myself a pretty skilled driver when it comes to hitting laps around a track or course, but the thought of doing so while matching the times set by the best drivers out there, now that will be a whole new thrill.

Touching base on what Chandler said about autonomous technology, well I have to say I like his view on things. My biggest fear about autonomous cars is that eventually it will become illegal to drive yourself, and that isn’t something I’m willing to give up anytime soon. Part of it is the control freak in me, but the other part is losing the fun that comes with driving. For some, it is a chore, but for those like me, it is a pleasure. I guess if that ever does happen, at least Nissan will have our backs with the “famous laps” driving mode. It might not be the same as driving yourself, but at least it will bring a little thrill to sitting in a car that you can’t drive yourself.

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