In 1955, the Ford Motor Company decided to create its ad campaign about the new safety features it was incorporating into its cars, such as padded dashboards.
Today, in business schools across the country, that Ford ad campaign is still studied. It is considered one of the worst mistakes in advertising history, right up there with reformulating Coca-Cola.
Ford got creamed by the competition, as Chevrolet introduced the legendary small block V-8. Safety didn’t sell. Speed did.
But Nissan now seems intent on recreating the blunder, only bigger.
Nissan today will begin testing a new on-board device which will prevent a car from starting if it detects alcohol on the driver’s breath.
Meantime, it’s also reported that Toyota is working on technology to detect the presence of alcohol from a driver’s sweat, with sensors mounted in the rim of the steering wheel.
Wonder what the ad campaign is going to be like?
Let’s see, perhaps the Tundra 2010 campaign: “The truck for people who can’t be trusted.” Or the new Nissan campaign for the 350Z: “When a Prius doesn’t nag you enough.”
Both automakers claim the currently have no plans to implement the technology.
Which makes one wonder why they’re bothering to develop it.
For over a decade, ignition interlocks have been a sanction imposed in many states upon drivers convicted of drunk driving.
But apparently for Nissan and Toyota, you cam be treated the same as the convicted drunk driver, just for the price of buying a new car from them.
Betcha that’ll sell Chevy’s.

Source: ForbesAutos

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tango  (372) posted on 07.23.2007

I think it’s a good idea as an option for a family vehicle that may be at some point loaned to a teenage driver for instance. Or perhaps somebody who is recovering from alcohol abuse. Or as a penalty for alcohol offence. The latter cases would be more of an aftermarker application, but still has merit.

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