Nissan announced today that the company will unveil a diesel version its popular Nissan Maxima passenger car in the USA in 2010. Also a diesel SUV will be launched in in Japan this fall.

Nissan working on clean-diesel SUV
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A prototype of its X-TRAIL SUV will be sent next month’s to the Group of Eight leaders’ summit in Toyako, in northern Japan, where climate change tops the agenda. Delegates will be able to test drive the diesel sport-utility vehicle, which is based on technology developed with French partner Renault.

Future Nissan diesel SUV will be powered by the eco-friendly "M9R" engine that can deliver powerful acceleration along with emissions levels low enough to meet tougher Japanese regulations slated for October 2009.


Source: USA Today

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  (70) posted on 06.10.2008

You’re right, there are to many SUV on the road. I’m getting suffocated, they’re to big, they’re to ugly (most of them), and they fill to much parking space.

  (520) posted on 06.10.2008

Another technology that tries to make SUV’s more ecological. That’s a good thing, but it would be even better if they would stop building them.

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