During a recent interview with Albert Biermann, Head of Product Development for BMW at the German automaker’s high performance M division, Autoblog has learned some interesting stuff about BMW’s future plans regarding the M5.

First, when asked about an all-wheel-drive version for the M5 he said there is no chance to see it, at least not with the current generation. However, BMW is considering this option, but for future models. "There might come a point with torque [output] where you need all-wheel drive." Also he said that an electronic torque vectoring differential will only be offered for the X models; at least for now.

As for a wagon version for the M5 he said no one more time. And that’s because with the previous model BMW only sold 1,056 units worldwide. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t expect a M3 wagon also.

But he did came with a good news for the US market: the M5 will be offered in here with both seven-speed dual-clutch ’box and a six-speed manual. At least for now, because Biermann said: "I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep doing this, but at some point, we’ll just have to say ’no’".


Source: Autoblog

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