Although there were a lot of rumors about a new Dino from Ferrari, General Manager Amedeo Felisa vanished all our hopes about it. He said that Ferrari has no plans for a "cheaper" Ferrari.

Ferrari will do what they have done since now: "compete in its current markets and that would only be highly-exclusive sports cars and no high-volume and modestly-priced sports cars."

So, no new model from Ferrari in the next 18 months. A new 599 it is expected in 3 years and the Ferrari F430 CS will debut in 2008. But no Dino!

On the other hand last time we spoke with someone from Ferrari they said the same thing, but their denial didn’t sound that strong. And how Aston Martin, for example, is getting cheaper every year, a cheap Dino in the house will be good just in case.

But then again, with the Ferrari’s history, we all know that Ferrari is about expensive cars and how Ferrari knows that their cars are bougth by rich people I don’t think they will be affraid of loosing clients and a cheaper Aston Martin is not a threat for their market.

But who knows? Time will tell!

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