Celebrity Paris Hilton lost one of her luxury automobiles today - not that it matters to her- she can easily buy another one. Reports from Tmz.com say that Hilton was puller over for speeding excessively down Sunset Boulevard in LA when cops spotter her.

After she was pulled over , the police made a revealing discovery: Paris was
driving under a suspended drivers license. These grounds for getting your automobile towed and Police sent for a flatbed to tow her baby blue Bentley away. Check out the pictures of her vehicle on the flatbed!
What does this mean for Paris? Possible another trip to the Bentley dealership for a new Bentley - she’s Paris why would she want to drive a car that has been impounded?

Source: www.tmz.com

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Rod  (825) posted on 03.26.2007

Yep that is Paris Hilton For you.

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