• No Oil Test: Honda vs. Ford vs. Peugeot - Which Lasts Longer?

Driving without coolant and oil? Don’t try this at home kids!

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As a driver, you should know that driving your car with the oil light on isn’t a good idea. The oil light usually pops on when the oil level drops or there’s insufficient oil pressure. Driving with the oil light on may cause extensive and expensive damage to the engine. But how long will a car’s engine run if you drain it of all coolant and oil? The folks over at Carwow tested this out on three different cars, a Ford Focus, a Peugeot 206, and a Honda Civic.

No Oil Test: Honda vs. Ford vs. Peugeot - Which Lasts Longer?
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The test isn’t about actually driving the cars without fluids. Instead, they put rocks on the accelerator pedals to force the engines into their redlines and turned the ignition on. And a timer, to see which car lasts longer. The Ford died first, lasting only 20 seconds without fluids. The Peugeot lasted a bit longer, but it started smoking before the engine stopped after 47 seconds. The Honda, on the other hand, kept running for more than two minutes, so the guy doing the test decided to drive it in circles for a little bit.

No Oil Test: Honda vs. Ford vs. Peugeot - Which Lasts Longer?
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The Civic kept running for around four more minutes for a grand total of six minutes and 22 seconds. But things didn’t end here for the Japanese car. The driver poured some Menthos and Coca Cola into the oil pan and managed to start the car again and drive it for a few seconds before it came to a complete stop again. While it’s amazing that the Civic managed to run without fluids for this long, it’s not something you should attempt with your own car. Now watch the video below to learn what NOT to do to your daily driver.

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