• No, This Isn’t A Real GTA 6 Trailer, But It’s Not A Bad Mashup Of Various Games

Sorry, folks, but Rockstar is still remaining tight-lipped about GTA 6

Here at Topspeed, we have a love for games like Grand Theft Auto. Outside of the police chases, shootouts, and other fun gimmicks, it’s a fun car game too. While there are enough rumors for us to talk about what we might know about GTA 6, there really isn’t any official information to go on. Be that as it may, we got pretty excited when we spotted this “GTA 6 Official Trailer.” It only took a few moments to realize it wasn’t the real deal, but it’s still worth watching just for the fun of it.

GTA 6 Official Trailer – A Cool Mashup But Far From Real

If you’ve seen our coverage of GTA V, you know we’re all about the Grand Theft Auto universe. It’s quite fun, especially when you have awesome realism mods or hunt down the fastest cars in the game. The game has even been used in real science as an assistant to developing autonomous driving technology, if you can believe that. Given our love for GTA in general, we were super stoked to see the trailer we’ve embedded above, but if you know your games, you’ll know it’s a fake right away.

No, This Isn't A Real GTA 6 Trailer, But It's Not A Bad Mashup Of Various Games
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We’ve spotted cuts from GTA V, Forza Horizon 4 (the cars, obviously), and even The Last of Us, among others. If none of those sightings caught your attention, then the ending credits including a not that you can pre-order GTA 6 today should be a dead giveaway. Of course, we can’t hate on you for hoping since GTA V as been running strong for the better part of a decade now – it is time for something new. Sadly, we may have to wait longer too, as a recent rumor has hinted that the next installation to the series might not come until late 2023 at the earliest.

No, This Isn't A Real GTA 6 Trailer, But It's Not A Bad Mashup Of Various Games
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If you’re dying to play a new GTA game, then you should probably check out how cool GTA V can look on an overclocked RTX 3090 at 8K as it might ease your pain. And, with any luck, maybe Frank Stephenson will have his hand in GTA 6 car design – how cool would that be?

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