• Noble releases first official photos of M600 supercar

After months of endless teasing, Noble has finally decided to satiate our cravings – even for just a tad – by releasing the first official set of photos of the Noble M600 supercar. That’s right. Camouflage-free, ladies and gentlemen!

Noble releases first official photos of M600 supercar
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The M600, the latest in a run of sports cars created by Noble, comes with a Volvo-based twin-turbo V8 engine that’s capable of producing as much as 650 horsepower. In addition to looking every bit the supercar many of us expected, the M600 is also taking a traditional approach by veering away from driver-assisted technologies to become a true purist car, in every sense of the word. The car only comes with a six-speed manual transmission with no anti-lock brakes to go with it. Additionally, the car’s traction control system can be deactivated, giving full control of the car to the hands and skills of the man sitting behind the wheel.

The M600’s expected price tag is around £200,000, a huge spike from Noble’s past models – the M14 and M5 in particular – but it’s not as if the price is completely inflated. Once you check out what’s underneath the hood, you’ll get a better understanding as to why this car costs more than twice as much as any other Noble model in the market today.

Noble releases first official photos of M600 supercar
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For starters, we already mentioned the car’s V8 engine – which, by the way, is a first for Noble – but what we haven’t mentioned is the fact that this engine has been tagged with twin Garret turbochargers, giving the driver free reign as to how much engine power – he can choose from 450, 550, and 650 hp – he wishes to have. Not only that, the car is no slouch in the speed department either. The M600 can reach 0-60 mph in 3 seconds with a maximum output speed of 225 mph.

Now that the M600 has been revealed, the next order of business is to see the car in the flesh. Those who are attending the Goodwood Revival on the third week of September better encircle the dates ’19, 20, and 21’ because that’s when Noble is expected to officially debut the M600.
After months of countless renderings and spy shots, the M600 has finally been revealed and if you ask us, it sure was worth the wait.

Noble releases first official photos of M600 supercar
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Source: CAR Magazine

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