Some high performance vehicles can be costly, but that hasn’t stopped many people from running out and purchasing these speed demons for the sake of trying their hand in the racing circuit. So let’s say you’ve purchased one of these high performance vehicles - say maybe a Porsche 911 - what is the first place you would want to go to test out your new ride? That’s right, the Nürburgring Nordschleife and now, there is the perfect watch to time those laps.

It’s called the Nordschleife Chronograph and it features the time-of-day hands along with the split-second timing dials in a jumbo 43-millimeter stainless steel case with mineral crystal lens, black dial, and leather strap. Normally, we would advise you stay away from mineral crystal, as it scratches as easy as the paint on that 911, but in this case, we’ll let it slide.

On top of that watch, you can also get a 24-hour timepiece that displays the time over the full day, not just 12 hours. This is perfect for those endurance races that you’re bound to enter.

Now, most of the time, automotive related timepieces are costly, but not in this case. The movements are quartz, so not something we would usually recommend, but for only 129 Euros for the chronograph and 85 Euros for the 24-hour, it’s hard to pass it up. Just like you’ll be on the track with that 911.


Source: Nordschleife

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  (216) posted on 12.2.2010

I feel like am inside a gallery of watches. Hope somebody can keep all of them. If you’re rich, then, I suppose you have your own gallery at home smiley

  (1211) posted on 11.10.2010

With all the watches that was car inspired this one is looks so simple compare to the Pirelli, Ferrari , Hublot and etc..

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