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As long as we can remember, GM and Ford have been hardcore rivals. But, since Mary Barra took over GM, the company has been struggling. Just last January, Mary Barra was caught off guard when asked about GM’s future, and her comments regarding where the brand is heading instilled everyone with fear: “Well, what I would say is we’ve been very clear. We believe in an all EV future. We have invested heavily in fuel cells as well, but beyond that, I don’t have anything specific to say. But I think if you look at where… our very strong statements are believing in all EV future… stay tuned.” This was barely even a coherent sentence, and it triggered some to believe that Barra is completely out of touch with the brand and what the next steps should be. Obviously, the answer is to build electric vehicles – one’s that don’t rely on fuel cells and those that are probably of the truck variety. Right around the same time Barra was fumbling for answers regarding GM’s electric future, Ford made the announcement that it was planning to electrify the F-Series, and that’s what leads us to our latest news: An insider from GM has told us that GM and Ford have been in secret talks discussing a merger of the two companies, and the first step in that is Ford building an all-electric Check Silverado atop the same chassis that will underpin the electric F-150. We never thought we’d see the day and Henry Ford is undoubtedly doing backflips in his grave, but GM is in serious trouble, and this is the brand’s only way out, it seems.

Ford and GM Merge as the Automotive Market is Thrust into Turmoil

Not Sure How to Proceed in Today's Market, GM Announces Merger With Ford
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The Ford-GM merger won’t be officially announced for another few months with our source indicating that the announcement could come as soon as June 2019. As such, our source has chosen to remain anonymous out of fear of consequences but has assured us that every bit of what we’ve been told is indeed true. The merger all began back when Ford started collaborating with GM for the 10-speed automatic transmission that’s now found in both the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, a “partnership” that dates back to 2013. Apparently, this partnership became a love affair that has been kept secret all this time but will ultimately result in the two companies becoming one. Since the two companies understand the drama that will be created among dedicated fans of both brands, they have agreed to ease into things, if you will. As such, the merger will start with electric versions of the Ford F-Series and the Chevy Silverado. As the year goes on, GM will copy Ford’s move to remove most cars from its lineup, with the exception of the Chevy Camaro and Chevy Corvette. By 2019, both Chevy and Ford will only offer sports coupes, trucks, and SUVs.

Not Sure How to Proceed in Today's Market, GM Announces Merger With Ford
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Will it be a Ford Corvette or a Chevy GT?

Not Sure How to Proceed in Today's Market, GM Announces Merger With Ford
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While I’m sure this is already a huge blow to your psyche, regardless of which brand you claim loyalty to, things actually get even crazier. With the 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette experiencing so many problems, Ford has been helping the brand solve all of its issues. As it turns out, all of the complicated problems aren’t of GM’s engineering, but the fact that the mid-engined C8 Corvette will actually be powered by the same mill that powers the new Ford GT. So, the 2020 Chevy Corvette won’t feature that twin-turbo V-8 with 800 horsepower after all. Instead, it’ll feature Ford’s new 3.5-liter, EcoBoost, V-6, and it will be tuned to deliver 775 horsepower, a mild bump over the current supercharged, 6.2-liter, LT5, V-8 found under the hood of the current Corvette ZR1. Now, if this wasn’t enough to make you stroke out, the next-gen Ford GT will actually feature a similar setup as Ford is planning to use a lot of Chevy’s engineering to help save time in the creation of the new GT, which we’ve now been told will actually make its debut in 2021, just five years after the current GT hit the market and one year after the new mid-engined Vette will make its debut. Since both cars will no longer compete with each other directly, both the Ford GT and C8 Corvette will feature the same exact performance figures. To make this transition easy, both models will feature battery-hybrid technology with the electric motors tuned specifically to even out the performance of both models.

The Long-Term Effects of the Ford-GM Merger

It’s going to be a busy couple of years, but by 2022, the two brands will effectively become one. As we’ve been told, the two companies want to soften the blow among their respective enthusiasts, so the two companies will take things slow for now. As a new generation of each model rolls out, the two companies will collaborate on each and every one. Our source has indicated that the two companies have projected that this merger will help strengthen their hold on the automotive market and will, eventually, lead to growth for both brands. One of the only things left to figure out is what the two companies will do with their existing logos. Once the merger is complete, we could start seeing “FGM” badges everywhere, or the Ford and Chevy badges could live on, even though they will ultimately be built by the same company – a move similar to what VAG does with its conglomerate of companies. Finally, we have to let you know that this entire article has been complete bullshit. April Fools!

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