• Nothing to See Here; Just a Giant Industrial Spool Causes Commotion on Houston highway

Not the kind of obstacle you expect to have to dodge on your daily commute

Out of all the things you expect to encounter while commuting on the highway, a giant industrial spool rolling towards you is probably close to the bottom of the possibilities list. But even so, that’s exactly what drivers out on Interstate 10 near Houston ran into last Thursday and had to avoid.

To make matters worse, said giant spool, which looks like it was carrying a big rubber hose and was so tall it barely cleared an overpass, started rolling down the stretch of interstate - forcing drivers to panic and attempt to swerve out of its way. This could explain how it ended up rolling down the road - it was being carried on a flatbed (or some sort of open trailer) and may have been knocked loose by the very same overpass we see in the video.

Thankfully, it appears that it didn’t cause any damage to any cars, as it was rolling slow, so drivers had time to take evasive action and get out of its way. It sure was a sight to see, though, we’re sure. This footage was captured by a Victoria Martinez who sent it to the local branch of ABC.

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