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It’s starting to feel like with every new year, there’s a new case of Ferrari bullying someone with legal action. Last year, it happened when the company threatened to file suit against someone for posting a picture of a Ferrari 812 Superfast with a pair of one-off shoes sitting on it. This year? Well, it looks like Ferrari has decided to file suit against a non-profit charity for using the Purosangue name. Is there merit to the suit or is it just another case of bullying by a company that’s overly aggressive with protecting its image?

Ferrari Says The Charity Hasn’t Used the Name Enough… Seriously?

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Ferrari has been overly aggressive with protecting its image to the point that it feels like it produces as many lawsuits as it does cars. Of course that’s just my opinion… Either way, the company is in another legal battle, this time over the Purosangue name – the same name it has chosen for its upcoming performance SUV. The word means “thoroughbred” or “pure blood,” which is why it makes so much sense for Ferrari to use it on one of its models.

But, the name has also be tied to “The Purosangue Foundation,” a non-profit charity that advocates against doping in sports. The company has also set up training camps for runners in Kenya and even funds health check-ups for the elderly. Believe it or not, the company has been using the name since it was trademarked for clothing and other products back in 2013, yet Ferrari claims the company hasn’t used the name enough to warrant exclusivity, specifically in relation to its use over the past five years.

Now Ferrari is Suing a Non-Profit Charity for Using the Purosangue Name
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According to a story ran by the Financial Times, the foundation is represented by Alessandro Masetti, who claims that this is clearly a “David versus Goliath case,” and there there is more than enough activity to warrant use of the name. Apparently, there was even a paternship with Adidas to produce branded sneakers and clothes. It sounds like The Purosangue Foundation is prepared to fight with found, Max Monteforte, saying,

”I am not going to be scared off, even knowing that we are up against one of the most important brands in the world.”

The case will be heard in court in Bologna on March 5, and I have to admit that I’m a little curious to see the outcome. Ferrari is so worried about “protecting its image” that I can’t help but wonder if it’s hurting its image by picking on and bullying people.

Source: Financial Times

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