Swedish supercar brand is hiring 40 new employees

Is your current job taking a toll on you? Are you in-between jobs? Do you need a challenge in your life? If your answers to these questions are “yes,” “yes,” and “yes,” then you might be interested in packing your bags and going to Sweden, because Koenigsegg is opening 40 new positions in pretty much all areas within the company.

According to its blog, the supercar brand is specifically looking for “passionate car people” who have a history “getting their hands dirty” building their own project cars, restoring classics, or fabricating and installing a new car interior. There’s a whole gamut of positions available, including a few assemblers, service technicians, detailers, purchasers, prototype technicians, and an electrical harness CAD engineer. If you know how to speak Swede, that’s an advantage so says Koenigsegg even if it’s not completely mandatory. All you need from a language perspective is to be able to talk fluidly in English, or at least be at a level where you can communicate with your potential co-workers. The automakers are currently taking applications, so if you feel that any of these job opportunities suit your skills and talents, it might not be the worst idea to hop on over to Koenigsegg’s official website and submit your application. Who knows, you might end up getting that call (or email) and find yourself going to Sweden to work for one of the world’s most esteemed supercar brands.

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Give it a shot; you might be surprised at what happens

Now's Your Chance To Work For Koenigsegg!
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I don’t think I’m in a position to try convincing people to work for a company like Koenigsegg. Personally, I don’t know the environment there so I can’t speak on the intricacies of taking up a job in that place. What I can tell you is that it’s a very interesting proposition, to say the least.

It’s easy to see too why the company is opening up new positions to fill its production ranks. After all, Koenigsegg posted record sales numbers in 2016, and that’s on top of all the banner accomplishments the company achieved in the same year. For instance, 2016 was the first year that Koenigsegg had two completely distinct models – the Agera and Regera – being built in its production facility. The increased volume translates to the need for more people on the ground to meet the four-year waiting list for its customers. Yes, Koenigsegg has a four-year waiting list and having only 150 people doing all the design, development, and testing for two production models is an incredibly difficult task in it of itself. That’s one of the big reasons why the company is urgently trying to build up its staff, but it’s also far from the only one.

In addition to its increased production, the company also has three new dealerships in the U.S. to worry about, and that’s on top of adding new dealers in Vancouver and Calgary through its partnership with the Weissach Performance group of dealerships.

Clearly, the Swedish automaker has a lot on its plate these days, so it’s opening up these positions to address some of its issues. It’s safe to say that with its reputation, Koenigsegg isn’t going to have any issues filling up the ranks. The only question is whether any of you are interested in giving it a shot. If this ends up being a dream job, you’re not going to find out if it is if you don’t throw your name in the pool.

Source: Koenigsegg

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